Easy schedule planning
and HR controlling

Planday is a webbased system, which
targeted for all businesses, that
use duty planning and time registration.

Are you tired of confusing Excel sheets,
employees coming late and trouble
with the administration at each payroll?

Complete overview

All information gathered
- allways updated

Constantly udated information on your
employees personal data, vacation,
illness, salary etc.

Easy communication
- mail and SMS / text

The internal mail system means that you can
allways send mail to the specefic employees
you wish. Does it need to go fast all
information can be send by SMS.

Smart budget- and
financial management

Turnover and salary budget easily done and
ensure constantly updated salary percentage,
turnover, history etc.

High employee
involving and easy
switch of shifts

Employees can simply specify which
days they wish to work, switch shifts internally,
mail each other, see payrool and much more.

Secure data

All data is stored on secure servers that
has a daily bacup.

All communication between you and Planday
works through a encrypted connection, so unauthorized can not acces the data that is stored and exchanged.

Automatic calculation
saves you time

Planday calculate automatically salary, vacation,
illness and other activities.

Extra features


By Planday punchclock the employees log
in when at work. This ensures, that you
allways know exactly which employees that
have work in each period.


Do you work with units as incoming
calls, number of expeditions or similar, the
forecast function in Planday can calculate this
for you.

More than 250 restaurants, nightclubs, callcenters etc. is using Planday today!